Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Out with the old in with the new

"A friend is just a potential enemy." - rap song lyric

This quote has become more apparently true to me than any other song lyric I have ever heard in my life. Now in the year 2008 my "friends" have become my enemies and vise versa, jealousy, greed, admiration, and disrespect all emotions demonstrated by every single one of my "friends" So as part of my New Years Resolution it is time for out with the old and in with the new. I am done with friends that use you, lie to your face, and are fake as hell. Fuck Them.

The year 2008 my life is changing quite rapidly right before my very eyes. With my beautiful, sexy, attractive, and lovable girlfriend by my side I know that I can conquer the world! Together we are completely unstoppable, nothing will get in the way of our success and happiness.

But onto my daily toll of getting in to shape. I think loosing my friends is the biggest piece of fat that I could ever cut out of my life!

Today I ate:
Oatmeal for breakfast - 200 calories
Bagel with butter for snack - 300 calories
Peanut butter and jelly for lunch - 400 calories
Ellios slice of pizza for dinner - 300 calories

Total of 1300 calories.

Today I did not work out.
I was extremely tired all day today from running for a mile yesterday and working out. I even felt the need to take a nap during my lunch break, and just felt so tired, and my muscles were aching all day. So I took a day off from working out to let my body heal up. Tomorrow I am going double up and do a big work out.

Today I weight 260lbs and 35% body fat. No changes as of yet but I'd say I wont see any real changes for at least two weeks.

Stay tuned for tomorrows update of my daily web log and New Years Resolution progress!

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