Monday, July 28, 2008

New Diet Plan – 6 Meals a Day

I am happy to say that I am going back to my favorite diet that I have tried this year, the 6 meal a day diet. This is also known on this blog as the 5 meal plan. This diet consists of eating at 7am, 930am, 1230am, 230pm, 530pm, and last at 730pm. Eating a small meal that consists of a protein and a carb in the until 230, then a protein and a vegetable at 230, 530, and 730. Using this diet plus working out every other day, allows for a great increase in my metabolism, to help shed the extra pounds I want to loose before the year is up.

So far it has been a good year for me, I weight my self yesterday and am down to 254, which is very close to my goal of being under 250 pounds. I was 280 in January so I am happy with my results, but I want to try and make the most of the last month of summer, August, and try and loose another 10 lbs. I feel that this diet will allow me to loose 10 lbs this week. I am planning on eating the following everyday:

  1. 7am - Breakfast – Egg white sandwich, with salt, pepper, and ketchup. and coffee
  2. 930am – Snack – 1 slice of bread with crunchy peanut butter and water
  3. 1230am – Lunch – Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with wate
  4. 230pm – Snack – Tuna Salad with lots of vegetables, nuts, cranberries, etc.
  5. 530pm – Dinner – Grilled Chicken with Peppers, and other vegetables
  6. 730pm – Snack – Peanut Butter on Celery Sticks

I am also going to walk 1 mile in the morning and perform a push up work out for the next two weeks I am planning on following this diet and work out exactly!

I will tell you how I am doing next weekend.

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Anonymous said...

good for you keep working hard