Thursday, July 17, 2008

Health Tip of the Day - Staying Emotionally Healthy

I read this article when reviewing Yahoo! News and I felt that it was good enough to share with all of my dedicated readers.

Keep in mind when working out and dealing with life, just as it is important to stay physically healthy, it to is just as important to stay emotionally healthy as well.

A few tips:
- Think about what is causing your feelings to be negative, and decide if it is important.
- Share with family and trusted friends what gives your stress and anxiety to help relive it.
- Focus on the positive aspects of your life, forget about the negative.
- Perform relaxation techniques; Yoga, Meditation, or Deep Breathing Exercies
- Healhty Diet
- Exercise Daily
- Keep a good sleep schedule, at least 6 hours of sleep to enjoy 2 full REM cycles.

Each REM Sleep Cycle allows the brain to recover and re-build for optimal thinking throughout the next day. This article on Wikipedia answers all of your questions about sleep patterns.

Time to get healthy in 2008!


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