Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some Great Health Tips for 09'!

Here are five great health tips for a great start to a happy and healthy new year:

You ARE what YOU eat!
"In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired."
What you eat is your only source of energy, so what you eat is what you are. If you eat like SHIT you will feel like SHIT. If you don't exercise you WILL be tired, so never say your TOO TIRED to exercise because your only tired because you DID NOT exercise :) So here are some tips to the right direction for 2009! It's never too late to live a healthy and happy life =)

  • First tip, STOP SMOKING(if you smoke)!
    -Why? Its so 1980's and it screws up your whole body chemistry, and smoking also KILLS your taste buds, which is why you are eating shit and think its ok! And a MILLION other reasons that I hope by now most of you are aware of!
  • Second, DON'T DRINK a lot!
    -When I say a lot I mean you can drink maybe a drink or two a weekend if you must. When kids go away to college they get the freshman fifteen why? because beer and alchohal makes you FAT!
    -But really why? It's because it raises your level of hydrocloric acid in your stomach, and RUINS your WHOLE digestive process! And if you want cancer then drink away, some alchohals STILL conatain urethane, a CANCER-CAUSING chemical! And just one more lil thing to add, it RAISES your blood-sugar levels who wants all that shit!?

    -In conclusion to drinking, You can drink in MODERATION, but please if your going to drink try some ORGANIC RED WINE! :) It's not that bad! TRY: RED TRUCK ORGANIC RED WINE, its good..
  • Third, PLEASE PLEASE don't drink SODA(EWW!!) ITS GARBAGE! you may as well just go drink from a sewer if your gunna put soda in your body. All soda contains phosphorous which actually increase calcium loss from your body. It puts shit in your body and takes out what you need. Loss of calcium leads to bone loss, which may lead to ostioperosis.
    OK, so you drink diet soda? Nice, thats great! NOT!!!! ACtually your making yourself FATTER by drinking diet soda by almost 10% compared to REGULAR soda(read in the book, eat this and live!) It's worse in other ways too, it contains Aspartame, which causes arthritis, birth defects, Alzheimers, Lupus, Multiple sclerosis, AND diabetes. So drink away, REAL smart!! If that doesn't stop you from atleast drinking diet sodas for a start, then maybe this will(or maybe your just that stupid?idkk):
    WELL, when methyl alchohal, an ingredient in aspartame eneters your body it turns into formaldehyde, which is a TOXIC AND CARCINOGENIC(CANCER-CAUSING). Scientists use formaldehyde as a disinfectent or preservative. AND YOUR DRINKING THAT SHIT!! so stop :)

    JUST one more, When Aspartame is drankin with carbs, it makes your brain slow down its production of serotonin. A healthy level of serotonin is needed to be happy and well balanced. So not only does diet soda affect your insides, but your personality and attitude as well.
  • Forth, EAT CARBS!! DONT GO ON A NO CARB DIET!! you NEED them to be healthy and happy! Isn't that the goal in life? So yes you can eat carbs and be healthy and skinnny! Carbs are compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, pretty important living tools huh? yeh thought so! THEY ARE VITAL FOR PROVIDING OUR BODY ENERGY AND BRAINS!!
    -Here's how to eat the RIGHT carbs! Not ALL CARBS ARE GOOD MOST DO SUCK!! There are 2 kinds, simple and complex carbs. SIMPLE CARBS SUCK AND ARE BAD FOR YOU! They contain sugar and tend to leave us feeling hungry! Complex carbs are the way to go! They have starch and fiber which release gradually and slowly in our bodys, providing a steady source of of energy! Then we feel FULL!
    SIMPLE CARBS(STAY AWAY): white flour, white pasta, white rice, white bread, white sugar, ect.
    COMPLEX CARBS(EAT AWAY):natural grains, brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, ect.
  • SUGAR IS LIKE CRACK! MODERATION! your being fooled ;)
    -Food manufactorers add sugar to their products so you keep coming back for more. Dont fall for it! Sugar starts off ok from a sugar cane plant. Then it's wrecked like most good foods are these days. The enzymes, fiber, vitamins, and minerals are all taken out of sugar during the refining process. No nutritional value AT ALL!(kind of like white bread)
    -So heres all the fabulous things sugar does to your body, hypoglycemia, yeast overgrowth, a weakend immune system, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, enlargment of the liver, and much more! you want all that shit??? sugar it up!!
    -But sugar is so good! And so many good foods will taste so bad without sugar right!? I NO!! but hey, you can STILL HAVE sugar! Just get the good kinds, you know the ones that dont kill you slowly! Like, Agave Nectar, or Stevia!
JUST REMEMBER, THERES ALWAYS A HEALTHY SOLUTION! You don't have to give up much, just be healthier. Don't do this to be skinny, or to look good. Do it to FEEL good, to be HAPPY, and to LIVE longer :)

Most of this information I read from2 books: Skinny Bitch( VERY INFORMATIONAL) & Eat this and Live(another great book)!

I'm not saying never have regular sugar, or never to have a soda again! Im saying dont make it a habbit DONT get addicted, and just TRY to have less then you do now! Moderation =)

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no "I'll start tomorrow." Tomorrow is disease. ~V.L. Allineare

Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy.


Prem Godara said...
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Prem Godara said...

Good and useful Health Tips..Well, i do follow some almost all of things written above

Guinea Piggy said...

I found this post very helpful. These are excellent tips for losing weight and improving your overall health. I particularly like that you discussed the importance of eating carbohydrates. Many people these days are trying extreme low-carb diets and then failing miserably because they are so restrictive. I wrote a post in my blog about carbohydrates here Why You Need Carbohydrates. Thanks for the thoughtful post.