Saturday, January 31, 2009

Diet Tracking System


I have been weighing my self every morning for the past two weeks, and keeping a strict diet of:
1. Eating 2 Meals a Day
2. Eating only Breakfast and Lunch
3. Not Eating Dinner
4. Not Eating after Lunch (all night)

This is how my weight has fluctuated this month:
December 29th - 260lbs
December 30th - 266lbs
December 31st - 266lbs
January 1st - 270lbs
January 2nd - 269lbs
January 3rd - 265lbs
January 4th - 265lbs
January 5th - 265lbs
January 6th - 265lbs
January 13th - 261lbs
January 15th - 259lbs
January 16th - 257lbs
January 17th - 258lbs
January 20th - 263lbs
January 25th - 260lbs
January 26th - 260lbs
January 29th - 256lbs

Trying to loose it!!


Mike said...

Nice working losing the pounds -- it takes a lot of dedication.

Are you incorporating exercise in your plan?

Pierre Söderman said...

You got it all wrong. By only eating 2 meals a day you put your body on starvation mode and it will try to save everything it can. You have to do the opposite. Several meals a day but not huge amount.

I'm doing a similar shape journey but I do it without dieting. Check it out