Saturday, December 13, 2008

Egg White Omelet and a Big Salad - Seinfeld Style

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I just was watching Seinfeld and it was the episode when George asks the waitress out for a "walk or something" and he thinks it is a date, but she tells him she has a boy friend after he stupidly says how he likes "ma-newer" since it is a newer ma? George that is dumb! haha!

Any way the point is that Jerry always gets and Egg White Omelet and Elaine always gets a Big Salad, and I thought hmm..I wonder how that is, just an Egg White Omelet or a Big Salad. So today I decided to go to the diner and have an Egg White Omelet for breakfast, and I was impressed!!

I have NEVER FELT MORE AWAKE!! The Egg White Omelet gave me sooo much energy in the morning, it has no cheese in it, so it did NOT make my stomach hurt, it was soo good with some salt, pepper and ketchup for flavor. I would recoomend this for every one since it really does energize your entire body!

Then I had a Big Salad for lunch and it was really good too!

I recommend this for everyone, just try to eat healthy one day, after all you are what you eat. Also here is real testimonial - conversation with my girlfriend:
me: now i c how u r so quick 24/7
me: haha
me: u eat sooo good
her: they dont make you tired, most of the time when you eat you feel like u wanna sleep, but egg whites act WAKE u up..
her: baby
her: good food is ENERGY
her: food is the ONLY SOURCE OF ENERGY!!
her: the better you eat the more and BETTER energy you have
her: the worse you eat the more tired and bad you feel
her: the better you eat the less diseases you get the worse you eat the more you get
her: you ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!
her: dahhhh
me: hahaha
me: can you please write that on my blog?

Hence me writing this blog. Isn't she so smart??



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

they are not impossible if you have discipline and structure in your diet