Sunday, December 7, 2008

Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator

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Oh I didn't see you there, thanks for stopping by. I just was reading yahoo most popular news when I cam across this article of this 63 year old guy with a 30 year olds body, it was the #1 story and I was like WTF?
Youthfulness an American obession - at what cost?

Very interesting how this guy that is the lead of Cenegenics and he is using the medicine on him self as a test subject to see how well it works. While he claims he has never felt better the last doctor to do this died at 69 with brain cancer, and they say using these drugs may cause Cancer..not good.

Either way I just took this test from the Living to 100 site that has a life expectancy calculator, takes about 10 minutes to fill out, and yell I took it and it said I will live to 83!! I am stoked so I got about 60 years left, sweeet!!! haha.

Take the test and see how long they predict you will live, and read the more info below.

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My calculated life expectancy is 95 years.