Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Post-Summer Diet Loose 20lbs

Hey All,

After discussing with trained consultants I have found a work out plan that is balanced, yet rigorous, and agile enough that I can actually commit for longer than 2 weeks! (hopefully) I am currently around 250 to 260 lbs and want to loose another 20-30 lbs with in the next 4 months, till New Years 2009. (I can't believe the year went soo fast!!)

Here is the work out plan:
  • vigorous activity for 10 mins for 5 times a week (jump roping or running for 10 minutes)
  • chest work out 3-4 times a week
  • arms work out for 2-3 times a week
To achieve my goals I am going to do Light Strength Training to help tighten and loose excess fat, and increase my overall metabolism while maximizing calories burned during working out to help increase my total weight lose goals.

Weekly Plan:
  • Sunday - Chest
  • Monday - Jump Rope/Running and Arms
  • Tuesday - Jump Rope/Running and Chest
  • Wednesday - Jump Rope/Running and Arms
  • Thursday - Jump Rope/Running and Chest
  • Friday - Jump Rope/Running and Arms
  • Saturday - Chest (alternate day off if not miss any work outs during week)
Chest is doing 4 sets, first set 4 push ups, second set 3 push ups, third set 2 push ups, and last set just 1 push up. (keep it light and simple) Do this with your hands at shoulder length apart, then do a wide stance (bigger than shoulder length), and perform the same 4 sets, and then do short stance (less than shoulder length apart), and perform the same 4 sets again, so that is 3 times in all.

So all together that is 9 regular, 9 wide, and 9 short push ups, altogether 27. (light work out)

This should burn about 100 calories, since it is a light work out.

Arms is doing 2 sets of 10 reps with 30lbs or if to much then 20 lbs free weights. Do two sets of 10 full curls, working each arm individually. Then perform two sets of 10 of the Tricep Workout and then you are done.

So all together that is 20 curls with each arm, so 40, and 20 tricep pulls with each arm is 40. (light work out)

This should burn about 200 calories, since it is not a very intensive work out.

Jump Rope/Running is doing 10 minutes of constant movement work out for a full 10 minutes. Although you can break up the 10 minutes of constant movement to 2 minute intervals for jump roping, performing five 2 minute sets of jump rope. Or simply running for 10 minutes straight, and at a slow pace, is about 1 mile, if a quick pace, probably 1.5 miles.

This should burn about 500 calories, (depending on weight and fitness level)

Altogether that is more than 500 calories a day burning, not only will this be great for muscle development, as well as breathing, increased metabolism, more energy, but help turn my body into the lean mean fight burning machine that I want it to become.

Good? Bad? Or Promising?


Sandra said...

Learn How can we make healthier dieting and weight control a source of pleasure instead of duty?

The Reasonable Diet - , is the motivation you need to move into action to achieving and maintaining a healthful weight.

This is not an off-the-shelf or ""cookie cutter"" diet. You get the motivation and skills needed to adjust your diet week by week, so that as your life and schedule changes your diet can easily change also.

The Long Islander said...

This is very true Sandra. Thanks for your input!